Do You Need Help?

We are a listening ministry for individuals or families in crisis, who are looking for a little help to provide the basic necessities.

 We are led by volunteers from over 300 member churches of all faith groups so that we can spend the time to better know each person or family, understand the simple or complex needs, and then create short-term or long-term solutions to meet those needs, usually in collaboration with other health and human service providers.  We want to engage in healthy relationships that help build stronger community, so we invite individuals and families into intentional community.  Having this serving heart and trying to be good listeners, we want to learn and understand each one’s needs, preserve each one’s dignity, provide equitable access to all the resources that we have and are available in the community and include your choices, your strategies, and your values in solutions that help achieve goals, improve skills, access education, better jobs while forming new friends and relationships that build community.

If you are falling through the cracks, and have tried to get help, get someone to really listen, get somewhere towards a solution, then ABCCM has an open door with hospitality. 

 We were designed to create opportunities for neighbors to help neighbors, and through the faith communities commitment to “love their neighbors” by being together in safe places, share resources collectively and collaborate with other public-private agencies with resources to resolve crisis. We try to “catch” people falling through the cracks and offer Hope. Each of our 7 ministries are at the corner-posts of poverty areas such as homelessness, criminal justice, food insecurity, basic necessities for families needing food, clothes, household and furniture or emergency financial assistance, medical care, pharmacy assistance, dental care, emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, homeless prevention – rapid re-housing, Veterans employment and training (VETS), Veterans crisis Call Center, SSG Fox Suicide Prevention, Homeless Veteran Outreach.

How do you connect your needs with the right services (Ministries) and what do you need to bring with you. What do you need to know to qualify for these services? 

 The following information about our Ministries will help you bring the right materials, or just show up, since all our services are on a walk-in basis, or call-in service and here to listen and begin the healing and strategic thinking to resolve each crisis that leads to greater stability or access to public-private resources.

Click on the Ministry below to review eligibility requirements: