Team TrV Runners for Hope


Please Join and Support Team Transformation Village (TEAM TrV) Runners for Hope

WHAT: 15k/5k Race to benefit Transformation Village
WHEN: May 19, 2024
WHERE: The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC
Made possible by:

Team TrV is running in the Biltmore Kiwanis 15k/5k Classic Races.  Kiwanis Club of Asheville has given the TrV Team Runners for Hope 30 free registrations!  Kiwanis is improving the world. Learn more here –

The Biltmore Kiwanis 15k/5k Classic Races is a premier race on the Biltmore Estate. We are honored to have 30 runners on TEAM TrV in their Run for Hope for homeless women and mothers with children.  The runners include volunteers, staff, and friends of Transformation Village. 

Runners join Team TrV by committing to raise $1,000 from family/friend supporters.  Thanks to friends like an anonymous donor and Abba’s Ambassadors, every dollar raised will be matched, up to $35,000!


If you would like to donate to Team TrV, you can choose a runner from the dropdown menu on the donation form below. 


To join the runners on Team TrV, please contact Laura Foreman to sign up. 


To simply be a runner, please go to Biltmore Kiwanis 15k/5k Classic Races and click on “Register”.

ABCCM – Team TrV is grateful for the many years of support by the Kiwanis Club.  We want to support Kiwanis by supplying volunteers on Race Day! 


To sign up as a Race Day Volunteer, please go to Biltmore Kiwanis 15k/5k Classic Races.

Thank you for supporting TEAM TrV Runners for Hope for women and children!

Help Us Reach Our Goal of $60K

Challenge – Double the Impact of Your Gift! 


When you support a runner for Transformation Village, your donation goes directly to the ministry, and  the women and children it serves. Even more, the following supporters have generously agreed to match every dollar you donate! That means your gift goes twice as far! There’s never been a better time to give.  

Thank you from our hearts for your gifts that bring real change to our community.

Abba's Ambassadors

Abba’s Ambassadors was formed in 2006, and since that time our organization has teamed with and supported missionaries in many parts of the world. A few years ago we began looking for a local ministry that we could team with, not just financially but also serve in person.  We have always had a heart for women and children so when we found out about Transformation Village (TrV), it was a perfect match. TrV offers women a way to escape homelessness to a safe place and also the possibility to transform their lives. Their success rates are amazing and Abba’s Ambassadors is honored to team with them.

Goal $30k
New Goal $60k

Did you know that every dollar our team raises WILL BE MATCHED by our supporters?
Today when you support a runner, your donation will be matched for DOUBLE THE IMPACT! Help us go twice as far! 
OUR GOAL $10KHelp us achieve our fundraising goal by supporting a runner!

About Transformation Village

Transformation Village residents get a fresh start and a place to heal – surrounded and supported by the love, trust, education and companionship that is given by our volunteers and congregations.

At Transformation Village, lives are transformed through counseling, training for living wage employment, and help with reintegration into the community. Residents receive health care, healing, hope, and a home. Within a year of arriving homeless at the shelter, 8 out of 10 guests find a good job and resettle into permanent housing. Not only that, 97% are still sober, housed and working two years after leaving.

You can help support our mission by sponsoring one of our runners or registering for the race yourself.

Your sponsorship helps serve the need in our community that ABCCM’s Transformation Village serves.

Biltmore Kiwanis 15k/5k Classic Races

This race deserves to be on every runner’s bucket-list and will indeed be on every runners “best race” list. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Biltmore Estate was built for George Washington Vanderbilt II between 1889 and 1895 and holds the record of being the largest privately owned house in the United States. The Biltmore Kiwanis 15k/5k Classic Races have been running on the estate since 1997 and act as the biggest fundraiser for Asheville’s Kiwanis Club.

Thank You!

Special thanks to our donors, supporters, and friends whose support has made this event possible. Thank you for all you do for ABCCM and Transformation Village!

Inaras Alterations
Neina VanLente

TrV Featured Runner

Army Veteran, Transformation Village Resident and mother, Neina is winning her own race to overcome life threatening obstacles and build a new future for herself and her family. 

Sponsor Neina today for a better tomorrow

You never know what life has in store for you. My adventure began growing up in Detroit but my family moved after 9/11 because of racial tension in my neighborhood and a bad job market. I was in high school at the time. We moved around some and I ended up living with my Aunt on an Air Force base.  In school I joined the JROTC and the Color Guard; I worked part time jobs and then found myself pregnant, so at the age of twenty-one I got married. After my daughter was born, I joined the Army as a 25Q Radio Specialist. I attended basic training and sent my daughter to live with my mother, since I was trying to become independent of my husband. I needed to leave him because he was abusive, but I never quite left him completely.

I served in the Army from 2009 until 2015; I served in Iraq in various capacities and locations –when I was discharged I was given 80% disability. When my youngest daughter was two years old and I’d been discharged, I moved to Spindale with my husband to be near his parents. The cost of living was low, and the family owned several properties. I thought things were going well – I had my own home, and was back in school at Virginia Tech. One day we had an argument, so my husband went up to one of the houses he was fixing and also where he sold cars. It was not the best neighborhood. That day three people invaded the home, shooting my husband dead –two shots to the head. Our security cameras were connected to my phone, and I saw it happen in real time. By the time help came, he was gone.

In the house there was a safe where there was cash and drugs. Because of the amounts found, I was arrested in regard to the killing and robbery. I went to jail, and afterward started really using drugs. I lost custody of my kids. When I got out, I had a habit to support, so I found some of the old crowd we were involved with who were very unsafe and I got pulled back into that life. I used until I knew I was going to die one way or another if I didn’t stop. I was already a five-time felon. There wasn’t much more in that life to discover.

I had my sister take me to the VA when I saw how close I was to dying, and from there to a rehab, but I relapsed and used again for three months after going back to where I’d come from. I got stuck there, meaning I couldn’t seem to escape, but I knew street life was not for me anymore.

My journey led me to ABCCM Transformation Village. Here I am supported in my recovery by my Case Manager, the other residents, staff and volunteers. I was hired to work in the emergency homeless shelter (Code Purple).  I love it because I genuinely care about these ladies and I can relate to them.  Helping others is very rewarding! My sobriety and getting my kids back matter most to me. It’s been a hard and lonely journey, but with the support of Transformation Village I will succeed. 

Thank you.
– Neina V.


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