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Costello House

A Winter Shelter to Keep the Homeless Safe and Warm

 With the dangerous cold continuing for several weeks, we have heard from several churches that there needs to be a 24/7 shelter all winter, at least through March, where the homeless men and women can be stable and safe without having to leave every morning and come back each evening. ABCCM has been committed to this idea.  We are challenging the city and county to raise $60,000 each and those funds be matched by the churches and donors with $60,000.

Our BIG HOPE was for a winter shelter! God blessed us with changing the purpose of Steadfast House and the Recovery Living Center to an emergency shelter for men called Costello House. We are planning on being open every evening the rest of January due to Code Purple temps. We hope to be able to also be open during the day if we get enough volunteers. Email caleb.bradshaw@abccm.org to sign up for an evening, or show up tonight and then get signed up for other nights.  While ABCCM has staff to help, we cannot do this without volunteers. Your volunteer time is essential as ABCCM seeks to keep people safe and warm, but also to build healthy relationships with our special guests.  With recent snow and more predicted, the clearing of homeless camps, and some of the coldest temps this season, we already have a robust turn out.

To make the winter shelter hours possible, we need at least 6 volunteers for three 5 hour shifts, with the understanding that we do this safely with CDC procedures. There is a FDA approved ionizer in the building that kills all viruses.  

Morning shift: 7am to 12 noon:  three on a cook team to prepare and serve;
one receptionist; two activity volunteers

Afternoon shift:  12 noon to 5pm:  three on a cook team to prepare and serve;
one receptionist; 2-activity volunteers

Evening shift:  5pm to 10pm: three on a cook team to prepare and serve;
one receptionist; 2-activity volunteers

  1. Cook teams can call ahead to see about expected numbers and types of meals recently served

  2. Cook teams can prepare and bring the meal, but need to coordinate so at least two are there to serve and help clean up.

  3. Receptionist helps greet folks, buzz folks in/out the front door, and help with signing in guests.

  4. Activity/Support volunteers help with general activities such as games (card or board games). or sharing times of listening to stories. or sharing information and resources around the community utilizing the homeless services resource guide.

  5. Information and Referral Volunteers: individuals will be trained on a variety of community resources to assist guests in stabilizing or reaching goals. They will also be trained to work with the Intake Coordinator to gather basic information to support guests in their stable housing goals.

  6. Peer support volunteers: volunteers trained in substance use and recovery to help guests in their addictions journey.

  7. Bible study or Spiritual Formation Volunteers: share a Bible study or encouraging Scriptures to nourish one’s soul, meaning and direction in the journey of our guests.

  8. Church/Community Volunteer Leader: This person takes responsibility for putting a team of volunteers together who can fill all three shifts for a day or for a week at a time. They work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Safe & Warm Emergency Hotline 828-398-6011