Come experience the marketplace as it might have been when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Be a part of the story… that came true!

Return To Bethlehem hours:

Thursday – December 7, 6-8:30

Friday – December 8, 6-8:30

Saturday – December 9, 2-8:30

Sunday – December 10, 2-6

Hosted by Groce United Methodist, 954 Tunnel Rd.

There are over 50 roles to make this story come alive and we would love if you came to be a part of it!
Please contact Rev. Caleb Bradshaw at caleb.bradshaw@abccm.org for inquiries.
Return to Bethlehem is ABCCM’s gift to the community, donations are welcome in Bethlehem.

Click here for printable material to share with your friends, family, and churches.