Covid-19 Impact

ABCCM is committed to helping anyone who can demonstrate a need for food, shelter, emergency assistance (utilities), medical care, medication, or who need eviction assistance. The need for our assistance is increasing significantly, while our resources (donations, sponsors and volunteers) have been impacted during the Coronavirus (Covid-19). If you are blessed to be in a position to help others during this crisis we could really use your support. Please click below an area of donation and service that interests you. Also, please keep in mind 93.1¢ of every dollar goes directly to program services.  Please pray for us as we trust God to provide.

Dear Church families, volunteers and friends, we share the concerns, anxieties, and greatly appreciate the real hardships that are associated with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people who have been, and are being affected by this unprecedented epidemic. 

We thank our local community organizations, leaders, essential businesses and sponsors that help keep food and necessities available to those in need. We are grateful to the healthcare workers, first responders and governments, local, state, federal and around the world working to contain and resolve the pandemic. We are forever thankful to God for seeing us through the valleys.


ABCCM — prepared for such a time as this (Esther 4:14) — open and serving our neighbors. 

Because so many are negatively impacted by this infectious disease pandemic we need help to help the anticipated growth in demand, more than ever. 


Crisis Ministries (all four combined):

  1. 100 hot meals in carry out bags for the homeless downtown each day.

  2. Families seeking food, we are serving 428 families or about 85/day. 

  3. Emergency Financial Assistance prevented 3 evictions, and all utility assistance was suspended as Duke Power, City Water, and others put a moratorium in place through the end of March.  April is unknown.


Future, increased needs as a result to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

  1. Hot meals, the need for hot meals is anticipated to grow 30% from 100/day to 130/day through April and beyond.

  2. Food boxes, the need is anticipated to grow from 85/day to 120/day, or 600 per week.  The cost of purchasing food for 1000 boxes is $30,000 or $30 each, but if one bought it in the stores it would cost $60 each box.

  3. Emergency Financial Assistance anticipated to increase dramatically unless the moratoriums are kept in place.  An average cut off notice now is $150, and average eviction is $1,000.  Each month these are delayed, they double.  By May we are likely looking at those affected being essentially 3 months behind and facing evictions.


Transitional Housing and Emergency Shelters


Emergency shelters

  1. Currently limited to 18 at the VRQ (Veteran’s Restorations Quarters), and 4 at our SfH (Steadfast House, shelter for women and children).

  2. ABCCM will no longer participate in Code Purple on life threatening nights.


Transitional Housing:

  1. VRQ has 250 residents; SfH has 50 residents total of 300 (includes emergency shelter)

  2. Meals prepared; 3 meals, 750 daily, 22,500 per month.  We need cook teams to prepare hot meals and drop them off, or join us to prepare meals in a serve-safe environment.

  3. The cost of meals is $45,000 per month at $2 per meal.


Future projected need:

Utilize the ACTS building for those who test positive and must be isolated for up to two weeks while in recovery.  Cost estimated at $12,000 per month for additional staff.


Medical Ministry:

  1. Medical: is open and serving about 60 patients a week, utilizing safe distancing.  ABCCM is only serving those who are already a patient, no new patients, except as referred by Mission’s ER or other Community Clinic.

  2. Pharmacy: both our clinic pharmacy and mental health pharmacy are staying open.  They are purchasing medications for high risk patients at $2000/ month.


Future projected need:

  1. Needs personal protective equipment (PPE) at 10 units per week at a cost of $100/unit/week; or $1000 per week.

  2. ABCCM projects that our costs for pharmacy will increase 50% to $3000 a month.

  3. COVID-19 tests cost $51.30 per test.  We expect needing 100 tests a month or $5130.


2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love and sound mind.

“Be safe and be wise, and trust God,” Pastor Gary McDaniel, Brown’s Temple CME.


Reverend Scott Rogers  

Executive Director  |  (828) 259-5305
20 20th Street, Asheville NC 28806