Safe Havens: ABCCM’s Code Purple Response



ABCCM Dramatically Expands Capacity

Every winter with 29,797 (11.5%) of the Buncombe County population living below the poverty level there is a need to help families and individuals with heating assistance.

This year, due to inflation, affordable housing lack of medical insurance and lasting economic impact of Covid-19 the need for heating assistance is projected to increase 30+% and there are more Cold Weather Stories to come than ever.

During the winter months ABCCM receives an average of 20 calls a day, including from elderly and families with children for heating assistance, and has prevented the shut off of heat for 130 households.

Safe Havens 

Safe Havens are located at all three of ABCCM housing locations and will operate from 4pm to 7am:

  • VRQ  ACTS building at 1401 Tunnel Rd.  (Veteran men – 50 beds)
  • Recovery Living/Costello House at 141 Hillside St. (Civilian men – 30 beds)
  • Transformation Village at 30 Olin Haven Way (Women and children – 50 beds)

ABCCM Board has approved the purchase and installation of 2000 sq.ft. double-wide at the entrance of TrV to expand our emergency capacity to serve homeless women and children. We are proposing a small campaign where the churches and community can expand space for the homeless and assure that every woman and child is not on the street or in a car in life threatening weather.

The NEED:  Best estimates from the Code Purple Committee of the Homeless Coalition place the number of beds needed at 80 for men and up to 50 for women and children, with additional capacity for intact families. ABCCM is offering 130 beds to encompass those projected needs and is willing to work with churches to put up families in hotels on as needed basis.

Program Plan:  ABCCM has two buildings for men (and could include fathers with children) at the VRQ and Costello House. Volunteers are needed at all three buildings:

  • Cook Teams: shifts- 4-7pm and 6-8am.
  • Evening Activity volunteers: shifts 5-7pm and 7-9pm
  • Life Skill teachers: shifts 7-9pm
  • Mentors or Faithful Friends: shifts 5-7pm and 7-9pm