ABCCM was formed by churches in the Asheville - Buncombe area to respond to emergency assistance needs in the community. ABCCM seeks to create opportunities for its supporting churches to serve together in a cooperative and collaborative manner which extends the mission outreach of each church to reach out and serve others in the name of Christ.

ABCCM's administrators, program directors and other staff work closely with our Board of Directors and advisory committees to ensure that our staff and facilities are an extension of the ownership and outreach of each congregation. We look to volunteers from our churches and are able utilize our common resources and experiences in meeting the critical needs of the under-served thereby providing the framework for ongoing ministry in the name of Christ to our community.

Board of Directors & Committees 

Executive Director: Reverend Scott Rogers
President: Reverend Gerald Davis
Vice President: Reverend Gary Coffey
Treasurer: Bob Rogers
Secretary: Julie Singleton
Marketing Committee: Steve Koletnik
Personnel Committee: Scott Dillin
Nominating Committee: Jim Christian
Property Committee: Jamie Blue
Crisis Ministry representative: Allyn Aldrich
Jail Ministry representative: Jim Sherar
South Crisis representative: David Lloyd
Hominy Valley Crisis representative: Reverend Dr. Joe Yelton
North Buncombe Samaritan Crisis representative: Peggy Howell
Medical Ministry representative: Dr. Andrew Kane
VRQ representative: Ken Crum
Steadfast House representative: Terry Hasty
Shepherding Pastor: Reverend Calvin Hailstock
Pastor from a member church: Reverend Samantha Gonzalez-Block
Members at Large: Joey Grisanti, George Methvin, George Pfeiffer Jr., Rusty Pulliam, Bill Ramsey