Medical Ministry

Over half of the uninsured in Buncombe county were helped at medical clinic last year.

The ABCCM Medical Ministry is a partnership between Mission Hospital and ABCCM to fill the gaps and provide access to health care to those who are uninsured residents and below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines by offering medical and dental services; as well as medication through a licensed pharmacy. There are no charges for these services. This is Asheville and Buncombe County's only free clinic which is staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses, dentists, hygienists, and pharmacists. These faithful care givers deliver healthcare to the working poor in order to help them stay on the job and provide for their family.

The Medical Ministry also includes a pharmacy which provides medications to patients in three ways: as a Clinic patient; for patients discharged from Mission Hospital and the local emergency rooms; or through the Medication Assistance Program (MAP) for those who -  hit the doughnut hole and need to apply for assistance because they cannot afford their medications.

The Clinic is a member of Health Partners, whose members include: Mission Hospital, WNC Community Health Services, Buncombe County Health Department, MAHEC, Project Access/WCMS, and Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care Centers.

Medical Help