The ABCCM Medical Ministry provides primary care, medication assistance, and crisis dental care to nearly 6,000 Buncombe County adults between 18-65. Those patients—many of whom are working two or more jobs to make ends meet—are deeply grateful for these services.


Everyone at the clinic has a Christlike attitude. I’m a Christian myself and the Bible teaches us that in all things be grateful. I’m grateful there’s a place like this where I can come when I don’t have insurance. It’s a wonderful place that offers many services, and they are the same quality as the hospital.
— Matthew Scott, patient


One can see the spirit of Gratitude in these pictures of volunteers and recipients who share in the gift of this healing place.

The volunteers who give countless hours to help those in need are grateful for the opportunity to serve and give back. These hard-working people include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, hygienists, receptionists, intake workers, data entry, medical records and other non-medical volunteers.

Medical students from MAHEC, Western Carolina University, and A-B Tech also volunteer with patients as part of their clinical rotations. Serving this population teaches students how to minister to many different needs, and opens their eyes to the ongoing need of the uninsured in our community.

Our donors are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people in our community, to help defray the high cost of healthcare, and to pay it forward.

Your Donations

ABCCM Medical Ministry is a nonprofit organization funded by grants, partnerships, and private donations. Your financial gifts allow us to continue the circle of gratitude, paying it forward to our neighbors in need.

  • Medical visit to our clinic=$32.47
  • Dental visit=$48.02
  • Average cost per prescription in our pharmacy=$13.08

Be a part of ABCCM’s Circle of Gratitude. Pray. Volunteer. Donate.



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