Recovery Living Ministry

Safe Haven Shelter

The Recovery Living Ministry is a generous gift from the Costello Family Foundation to bring hope and good news to homeless men in our community. Since Steadfast House was available, it became a quick solution motivated by God’s leading.

ABCCM needs churches to come together again, as they have so many times, to solve an urgent need in our community. Please consider the following needs:

Current Volunteer Needs

3:30 pm to 7:30 pm – Our volunteers would be helping at the front desk greeting people as they enter, helping check clients in, helping in our laundry room as we wash linens and their laundry; helping serve dinner, and other general needs.

6 am to 10 am – Our volunteers would be helping get the breakfast food set out as a to-go meal, wiping down areas, washing/folding linens, and getting the house reset for the next time we use it.

  1. Sign up for a week to care for the homeless as they did for Room in the Inn.
  2. Be a volunteer on one of 3 shifts A,B or C:   A) Shelter volunteers from 6-9pm & food: B) evening meal 5-7pm and C) morning from 7 to 9am
  3. Be there for the 7 days and receive training from qualified ABCCM staff on serving the homeless.
  4. Be a Day Shelter volunteer:  two shifts from 9am-12:30  or  12:30-4:30.
  5. Help with classes, activities, connect residents with community resources.
  6. Provide financial support to pay for overnight staff; Peer Leaders; Case Manager.
  7. Recommended giving level:  $2000/month, or whatever additional giving that a congregation can give to Costello House – Open Door Shelter.

ABCCM needs 52 churches or a combination of partnering churches to cover each week of the year. The winter shelter will need funding for staff, food, and supplies.

  1. Staffing: ABCCM currently has enough staff for evening shelter, but not enough for 24/7, or day shelter.
  2. Please refer persons to apply starting at $15/hr. to increase staff. Qualifications: simple a passion to care for others and willing to be trained.
  3. Food is supplied by a Cook Team or donated. ABCCM will provide meals out of the VRQ kitchen unless a Cook Team provides meal or food donated is adequate to prepare on site.
  4. Supplies: toiletries, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies are essential. Purchasing these is expensive, so donations of any size is helpful, but we also need funds to buy in bulk to stretch dollars further.
  5. Linens will need to be replaced periodically as well as a good supply of blankets.
  6. Orientation and training will be provided as all volunteers join us with opportunities to increase skills and impact in the lives of our guests.

Thank you everyone for working together to care for unhoused persons. Together we can keep everyone safe and from freezing on our streets. Please keep those prayers going


Volunteer Opportunities

Recovery Living Ministry

141 Hillside St.
Asheville, NC 28801