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ABCCM is designed for times like these- to help those in need of emergency assistance, food, shelter, clothing, medical care. ABCCM typically serves around 20,000 households annually; however, as a result of the Corona Virus, the emergency needs have increased 30%-70% while resources have not. We need your kind and consistent help more than ever to help those in need.

Your ABCCM Donation Will Have Direct Positive Impact On People’s Lives

According to our independent auditors, 93.1¢ of every dollar provides for people in need, with 3.7% for fundraising, and 3.2% for administration costs. ABCCM is structured to help with short-term solutions that build bridges for long-term impact

Important 2019 Insights

•             21,764 individuals/households were helped last year across our 5 ministries

•             Crisis Ministry- 14,590 individuals/households served with clothing, food, hot meals, food bags, emergency utility, rental/mortgage assistance, and more

•             Jail Ministry- 6,360 inmates offered library services and Bible studies

•             Medical Ministry- 3,245 served, $2,7M+ pharmacy distributed, emergency dental

•             Veterans Restoration Quarters (VRQ)- 479 shelter residents, 9,366 emergency bed stays, 78% successful discharge rate

•             Veterans’ Services of the Carolinas- 75% placement rate, 103 placed in jobs at average $12.50/hr., 131 homeless preventions and 153 rapidly rehoused;  97% remain successfully housed after 18 months

•             Steadfast House- provides safe housing, food, shelter, job skills training and medical care to homeless women, women with children, and Veterans. 140 homeless women and children were housed, fed, counseled, provided medical treatment and job training; 84.4% successful discharge into permanent housing

•             Transformation Village- Scheduled to open June 2020 was built to meet the increased demand on our Steadfast House Ministry (currently 300 homeless women and children are on the waiting list). We have reached $10 million of the $12 million needed to complete the project

•             Last year 6,068 ABCCM Volunteers logged 132,719 hours, at a value of $25.43 hourly equals $3,375,044.17

•             For every dollar contributed, plus the value of volunteer time with donations of in-kind food, clothes, furniture and medicine, the impact multiplies to $3. That’s why $6.5 million in contributions resulted in $20 million going directly to help 21,000 families and individuals

•             ABCCM is sustained through over 300 congregations and faith groups with 6,100+ volunteers who give their time and treasure to serve those in need, preserve each one’s dignity, be client-centered, and effective in helping participants reach their greater goals and potential.

Begun in 1969 with a collaboration among a small group of churches in western North Carolina, today ABCCM is supported by over 300 churches and over 6,100 trained volunteers that provide emergency assistance to anyone in need regardless of race, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability. ABCCM has become a leading non-profit with 93.1% of every dollar going to provide emergency assistance and medical care for families in crisis; religious, educational and reading materials in the jail; job training and placement, personal counseling and transition into permanent housing for homeless women, children and Veterans, with an 85% permanent placement success rate.

ABCCM is structured to help with short-term solutions that build bridges for long-term impact.

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