Serving and Encouraging at the VRQ

I fell in love with volunteering at the Veterans Restoration Quarters a few years ago after some of my coworkers and I signed up to help cook and serve dinner there.  As soon as we walked in, the residents and staff were all so kind and welcoming.  I remember one man in particular.  As we sat and talked, he told me his life story and I shared mine.   We were two people sharing life as we enjoyed sweet tea and bread over a friendly conversation.  He was grateful we were there and I felt just as grateful to be volunteering that night. 

I knew I would keep coming back to serve at the VRQ because the people there reached my soul.  The VRQ has opened my heart to those in the community who are homeless and just need to know they are loved. 

It’s my resolution to continue serving at the VRQ, as well as, encouraging my team to serve the Veterans and those who are homeless in our community. 

Thank you ABCCM and all its supporting churches for changing my perspective on what a missional community looks like and for helping my faith to grow through service to others.

Abigail Sprouse, Oak Ridge Baptist Church
ABCCM VRQ Volunteer

VRQ - Volunteer Cook Team

VRQ - Volunteer Cook Team