Beyond Resolutions

In my few months here at the Medical Clinic I have been introduced to some pretty amazing volunteers.  Community leaders, professionals, laborers, retirees and students have all come to satisfy a particular need in their lives and to gift us with their marvelous talents and their valuable time to help those uninsured residents of our community in need of medical care.  Some come to try on the fit of volunteering; some come to garner experience; some come to fill that opening in their daily lives that calls for service.  For most of our volunteers it’s a resolution they made a while ago. They are at the point where they have shown that beyond their resolutions is actual resolve. 

 Case-in-point are the volunteers who so generously offered to accommodate us when our Clinic had to close its doors one day a week in answer to budget cuts.  Without missing a (heart) beat, they graciously amended their scheduled days of volunteering to continue to meet the needs of keeping medical supplies maintained and inventoried; in keeping our health records maintained for accurate documentation; in maintaining our building for sanitary service; and in continuing to provide professional hands-on medical care to those in our community with no where else to turn in times of financial hardship.

 This week Dr. Campbell, who serves religiously at three clinic sessions a week, told me he would be out of the clinic on vacation for six weeks.  What blew me away was what he requested next.  He asked me to locate a free clinic operating in the area where he was vacationing so he could volunteer there.

 All these volunteers have grown into their practice of service.  Each has made it unique in bringing their special talents and identity to the position. They grew into their commitment and have become more valuable citizens in the act of caring for our neighbors and have enriched their own lives through the gift of service. 

 Is volunteering among your resolutions this year?  Whatever your passion, find a way to channel it into service to others as a way to enrich your life.  We would welcome you here at ABCCM Doctors’ Medical Clinic and encourage you to come by for a tour to see how you could engage your talent with us in volunteering.


Georganne Zelinske

Volunteer Coordinator

ABCCM Doctors’ Medical Clinic


Dr. Keith Campbell

Dr. Keith Campbell