From Our Volunteers

Jesus models for us, and teaches us that as Christ-followers we participate in the Kingdom of God not just with our words, but also through our loving actions.  He offers a powerful example, found in the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 25), where a king addresses his servants about serving the most vulnerable living among us.  This is Jesus’ reminder that when we serve those in need, we serve Him.  At ABCCM, we create opportunities to fulfill Jesus’ call to serve our neighbors, and for volunteers, as their church’s missionaries, grow, mature, and express their faith.  We do this together as the body of Christ, and we serve others without expectation of getting anything in return.  But, quite often, volunteers are the ones who are impacted and transformed. 

 Every day at our four Crisis Ministry sites, we help keep people from falling through the cracks when a sudden and unexpected challenge comes their way – whether through an illness, loss of job, or extreme life transition.  And it is volunteers who greet people with warmth and dignity.  They are a friendly listening ear.  And they help meet immediate needs as well as help craft long-term solutions.  In the midst of supplying critical needs, here is what our volunteers say about the impact this has on their lives:

  • I was blessed beyond measure when I helped a young mother who left an abusive marriage

  • I enjoy meeting with people from all walks of life and putting together services that meet their needs

  • I see God’s mercy in action – from the many volunteers and others

  • I see people not as charity cases, but as human beings in need of love

  • There is a great bond between the volunteers, staff, and those we serve

 These are just a few of the numerous stories of impact from our volunteers.  For all those who currently volunteer with us – thank you!  Your service impacts those in need.    For those of you who want to volunteer, but are not certain as to what to do – we can help!  Contact us at or call 828.398.6743.  We will be glad to get you connected in ways that engages your faith, positively impacts the lives of our neighbors, and helps to usher in the Kingdom of God – right here, right now.