Hope For a Better Tommorow

Out of resources and savings, she sold everything she could to get her family by since losing her job last winter. Stretching her disability check as far as it would go, it still wasn’t enough for the young mother of four to make rent for the month. Doing the most she could with what she had, the young mother lacked $300 for her August rent. She quietly insisted to the Crisis Ministry volunteer counselor that whatever assistance she could receive would be for this one time only. The stress and frustration of this young mother was exacerbated by the metastatic cancer ravaging her body. Without any support or family, she carried her family’s financial burden alone, leaving her drained from any energy to focus on her healing.

The young mother’s story is one that breaks your heart, easily taking you down the path of hopelessness for her situation. But her story reminds me that of my friend Jen, who will tell anyone that ABCCM’s medical clinic, saved her life.  Jen’s story is much like the young mother’s; she was without family and caring for a six month old baby when the medical clinic diagnosed her cancer. Without any form of insurance she didn’t know how she was going to handle her treatments. But before her panic could set in, a volunteer nurse, along with network resources, had arranged for Jen to receive treatments at no cost.  The nurse and volunteer counselors working with Jen did more than offer her a list of resources and medical care -  they gave her hope. She attributes her healing to the clinic’s early detection of her cancer and the counselors who helped her navigate an otherwise frightening ordeal. 

We don’t know how she was able to parent four children alone while going through exhausting treatments. We can’t imagine the pain and fatigue she has to push through to be there for her family. However, we can imagine the hope that will replace the desperation she had for ‘this one time’ assistance. We imagine her relief when the counselor looked beyond her immediate need and addressed the long-term. For the young mother of four, she will receive more than she hoped for, connected to various resources and a church community so she doesn’t have to go it alone. By the grace of God, she will receive hope beyond tomorrow and the opportunity to place attention on her healing. We imagine, we hope and we pray that she received her answered prayer for a better tomorrow.

LaKisha Blount, Executive Assistant