Testament of Service

Through Veterans Services of the Carolinas (VSC), and its NCServes–Western program, ABCCM is providing the essential support services and resources that Veterans need to get back on their feet and succeed in building healthy job, family, and life skills. This is clear in the story of Morris O’Garro, Jr., who was one of the first Veterans to be aided by the NCServes–Western program. Morris was referred to ABCCM by another organization and was subsequently helped by the Veterans Restoration Quarters (VRQ), VSC, and NC-Serves–Western.

Morris was given a bicycle so that he could travel to job interviews; provided with job search assistance and preparation; aided in attaining housing and VA benefits; and given the support he needed to rebuild his self-confidence and independence. Volunteers, staff members, and other Veterans have become a strong support system for Morris throughout his interactions with ABCCM’s ministries. Both the tangible services and the emotional support given by those at the VRQ and VSC have made Morris’ progress possible, and without both services and support working in tandem, neither would mean as much to Morris’ life.

“This is my family. I needed a support group,” said Morris. “I found part of my support group at ABCCM’s Veteran Restoration Quarters, I found another part at the Marine Corps League, but my heart is with Brandon, Emily, Jessica, and Andy [at VSC]. When I go up to that office, I get embraced. I get cared for. I get loved on. They’re interested in what I need in my life. They made me feel that being myself and being a Veteran was important to them. They also made me feel that I am important as a Veteran to myself and to others.”

 In this way, Morris feels called to introduce other Veterans to the programs and services provided by the VSC. He wants to lead his military brothers to the help they need, while giving them the chance to find the same family he’s found in the people he has met through ABCCM. Morris is also willing to share his story for the benefit of ABCCM, and specifically NCServes-Western.

“I am willing to do the things that I need to do for this group and other groups because they’re there to help me,” said Morris. As he continues on his journey, Morris knows that he can rely on his new support system, because they have stood beside him every step of the way.

“My journey is that I’m still in my journey,” said Morris. “I’m part of this living vessel and community. I’m proud to be a part of it, because they hold me accountable, and I’m okay with that because I hold them accountable. I’m willing to do that because I haven’t always been where I am today. A lot of times I’m just lost for words. I applaud you guys, because you’re doing a lot of things that other people wish they could do.”

Morris’ story is a testament to the importance of the services provided by ABCCM’s VSC and the NCServes–Western program. To help more Veterans like Morris, click here to give to programs that offer Veterans the honor and support they deserve. Thank you!

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