God Provides An Oasis In The Desert

In the eleven months that he has spent at the VRQ, Dirk Moss has clearly seen how the ministry addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the Veterans involved.

Dirk is originally from Atlanta and served in the Army from 1989 to 1992, spending time in both El Paso, Texas, and Germany. After leaving the Army, however, Dirk entered a period of addiction, suffering from “spiritual maladies,” as he called them, as well as dependence upon drugs and alcohol. Dirk eventually checked into a VA hospital in Atlanta for treatment, and while he was there, he had a conversation that changed his life – but not in the way he expected.


He and a friend were talking about programs for Veterans, and during their conversation, someone else in the room overheard them and suggested that Dirk should move to Asheville. The stranger didn’t mention the VRQ directly but rather praised Asheville’s beautiful mountains and unique culture. Dirk decided to give Asheville a try, and through God’s providence, he found the programs and stability he needed to make a full return to sobriety at the VRQ.

 “It was an oasis in the middle of the desert,” said Dirk about the home he found at the VRQ. “It’s amazing how God works.” Since moving into the VRQ, Dirk has made goals that he is striving to accomplish, and he said that God has actually accelerated his progress, helping him achieve more than he ever expected.

Beyond long-term sobriety, Dirk’s first goal was to strengthen his relationship with Christ, and now his faith has never been stronger. He also plans to attain stable housing, return to college, and permanently relocate to Asheville. “It’s amazing how God works,” said Dirk. “I’ve had a whole bunch of awakenings, and all of this has been happening at God’s pace, not my pace.”

Dirk knows that he has to trust God to lead him on the right path to recovery, and it will happen at the perfect time, according to God’s will. “As my grandmother used to say, ‘If God did everything all at once, you couldn’t stand it,’” said Dirk. It is clear that God used the events in Dirk’s life to lead him to the strong faith and restored health that he has today and that He used the VRQ to accomplish His purposes for Dirk.

Without the VRQ, many Veterans would be lost in the desert of addiction, PTSD, anger, and loneliness. Thanks to you, ABCCM is able to provide the oasis of stability, accountability, care, and respect that Veterans like Dirk deserve.