Jail Ministry

We currently have 35 men and women who conduct weekly Bible studies at Buncombe County Detention Facility. We like to show our appreciation to these volunteers at an annual dinner. This year we were honored to have Officer Bev Taylor, and Sarah Regala, Programs Director, to represent the support from all staff members at BCDF. Chaplain Vanessa James shared words of encouragement and appreciation to the volunteers. Our Culinary Commandos prepared a wonderful meal!  We were also blessed by two former inmates who shared their testimony and thanked those who have been part of their journey.

     Amy spoke about her life filled with addiction, abusive relationships and loss. She didn’t stay that way – Jesus changed her life! She was saved during Bible study program in jail. She began to read her Bible and pray.  She learned about God’s forgiveness and His love for her. Her life has never been the same! She has been clean for 3 years now, has a full-time job and a good place to live. Her testimony has inspired many other women to turn their lives around. She looks for every opportunity to give God praise and to help others know there is a way out of the life they’re in.

      Jamie also shared her testimony. She was a frequent visitor to the jail. She followed in the footsteps of family members who were also in and out of jail. She became an addict and felt like she had nothing to live for. While in jail, she started attending Bible study and not only hearing about the love of God, but seeing it demonstrated through our volunteers. As she began to trust God, things began to change. She was accepted into Drug Court program - and has now graduated. She moved in to Steadfast House where she gained a huge support team. She stayed connected with our jail ministry volunteers and connected with a local church. She is now out on her own, working full time and starting a family of her own. She is also a great example of perseverance and determination. With God, all things are possible!

        As a volunteer, you meet many men and women at their lowest point of life. Our volunteers bring the message of hope and salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lives are changed and impacted through this ministry. Several former inmates are connecting with local churches as they continue their walk with God and reach out for prayer and support. As you reach out to those in need, God reaches out to you.

If you’re interested in becoming a Jail Ministry volunteer, contact Chaplain Vanessa James or Chaplain Norm Sanders at (828)250-4590.

Julie Singleton
ABCCM Jail Ministry Volunteer