A Measure of Peace

sad lady.jpg

Sitting in the hallway of Steadfast House was a nervous and anxious young lady who had just escaped an emotionally abusive situation.  To make matters worse, Hurricane Florence was threatening Wilmington, her hometown just when she left. She was grateful for shelter from both the abusive relationship and the storm while she told the volunteers her story, including her fears about her home potentially being underwater.

 Just like those who watch a storm, volunteers watched this young lady slowly adjusting to her new life at Steadfast House. She has bonded with some of the residents and has been slowly working toward renewing her trust, becoming stable and overcoming her struggles.

 It wasn’t too long after her arrival when a volunteer noticed that she had settled in completely as part of the family of Steadfast House.  After lunch was served and all was cleared, the volunteer observed cook team members and residents still in the dining room.  They had all joined hands; they were praying and singing. The young lady who had fled a tumultuous storm and relationship was finally experiencing the peace she needed.  Thankfully, the grace of God – along with the love and commitment of our regular volunteers had brought that measure of peace to her.  

Maia Price
Steadfast House, Volunteer Coordinator