Jessica's Story

ABCCM's impact spreads far and wide in our community as we fill the gap for our neighbors in need through our Crisis Ministry, Medical Ministry, Homeless Services Ministry, Jail Ministry and Veterans Services of the Carolinas. One in six Buncombe County residents are touched each year through one of our ministries with assistance such as funds to offset a utility bill, a dental extraction, a warm jacket for a child, shelter during a period of homelessness, training and education support for veterans, or a shoulder to lean on during a jail incarceration.

The impact of ABCCM's services can be seen in the story of one woman, Asheville resident Jessica Shepard. Jessica first came into contact with ABCCM Jail Ministry volunteers in the Buncombe County Detention Center. She later was a resident of Steadfast House for women and children, and was able to receive treatment at the Medical Ministry. The services and programs in those ministries transformed her life. Jessica is now stable and thriving.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jessica's story and the volunteers who shaped her transformation. There are more than 300 women and children on the waiting list for Steadfast House who are just like Jessica -- ready to undergo their own transformation.  Click here to learn more about Transformation Village, ABCCM's vision to end homelessness for women, children and families in Buncombe County.