Transforming a Building

We know volunteers can transform the lives of the men, women and children that ABCCM serves every day. Volunteers can also transform a building!

For two days in April, volunteers from the North Carolina Baptist Men put a new metal roof on the main building of ABCCM's South Crisis Ministry location in Arden. The men stripped off the old roof and put a new metal roof in its place. The volunteers represented Woodland Hills Baptist, West Asheville Baptist, and Price's Chapel Baptist churches.

Volunteer projects like this one are so crucial to not only help us maintain our facilities, but also allow our staff to focus on serving clients. While the volunteers worked on the roof, neighbors in need were able to see staff and volunteer counselors in order to receive food boxes, clothing, as well as rent and utility assistance. Donors continued to drop off needed clothes, furniture, household goods and other items, while staff and volunteers continued to process these items and prepare them for those ready to move into their own stable housing.

ABCCM facilities can always benefit from skilled volunteer maintenance and construction work! If you have a heart for volunteer work, please visit for more information. Just give the volunteer coordinator or program director in your favorite ministry area a call or send an email – they will get back to you with more information, or to sign you up. We need you!