Myth #1: Getting a job will keep someone out of homelessness.

It would seem that having a job would be the foolproof way to stay out of homelessness, but, unfortunately, this isn’t often reality.  Latisha, a current resident at Steadfast House, was working as a CNA at The Black Mountain Center when her housing situation changed suddenly. 

Before arriving at Steadfast House, Latisha was living with a friend while looking for new employment.  Her friend’s fiancé was battling cervical cancer at the time, and passed away shortly thereafter.  Both she and her friend wanted to remain friends, but began feeling like they needed some personal space.  Latisha started thinking about moving out, but since she hadn’t yet found a new job she held off on finding a new place to live.

While she was still living with her friend, she landed a great job as a CNA.  Not long after she began her new job, she received a troubling text message from her friend.  He said that he wanted her out of the house on a given date, and that there would be no further discussion.  Latisha was taken aback by this sudden response, and still wonders what happened to lead him to this decision.  With a fractured friendship and nowhere to go, Latisha found herself homeless and in need of assistance.

After being on the waiting list, ABCCM’s Steadfast House welcomed Latisha in and has provided her with the stability she needs to work on securing housing.  The routine that the house provides allows her to feel grounded and offers the gift of calm as she works to resume life on her own. 


When in a situation like Latisha’s, you need more than a job to avoid the woes of homelessness. There are often additional factors that prevent individuals from maintaining stable housing, so Steadfast House bridges the gap and makes space for ladies to regain their footing.