Medical Clinic Volunteers Brave the Cold

As we know in the last weeks, the temperatures in the Asheville-Buncombe area have dipped lower and lower with each passing day. While that often means several members of our community have to find shelter from the cold, it also means that people are spending more time in close quarters with each other. This flu season has been one to remember and now, more than ever, people are at a higher risk.

Those who do not have affordable access to healthcare are often “left in the cold” and jeopardize their jobs and the wellness of their friends, family, and those around them. If an individual is sick, they might miss crucial days of work and lose wages that help them provide for their family. They also might pass that illness to those family members. What might have started as a relatively innocuous virus could turn into a moment of severe crisis for this family.

ABCCM Doctors’ Medical continues to bridge the gap and open our arms to those who need it most-- especially during the winter season. Our volunteers continue to brave weather conditions and show up for our patients every session that the clinic is open. Doctors, nurses, and even medical students show their continued commitment to keep our patients “safe and warm.” ABCCM Medical serves those who need care urgently and will continue to do so.

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Pray for the health and wellness of those in need in the Asheville-Buncombe area, and for God’s favor on the doctors and nurses who serve them.

Serve the medical clinic during the cold and flu season.  Email to serve.

Give the gift of a medical visit to someone in need by donating $32.47 to ABCCM.