Leaving Legacies

Over the past two months ABCCM has had the privilege of naming two of its facility rooms in honor of some incredible contributors and supporters of our ministries.  The Liz Rothlein Training Center at the Steadfast House and the Lloyd Weinberg Sound Room at the Veterans Restoration Quarters are our new additions.

This November Steadfast House was blessed to receive a $50,000 gift from Ash Rothlein in honor of his late wife, Liz Rothlein.  With this gift Steadfast House has been able to create the Liz Rothlein Training Center where we will be able to continue working to move women from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  This gift will support training and curriculum surrounding trauma-informed care and resiliency.  It will also support scholarships to help the women of Steadfast House gain living-wage employment through education and certification programs.   

12-2017 Rothlein Donation Photo.jpg

Lloyd Weinberg was a US Navy veteran who had a passion for assisting his fellow veterans.  For over 3 years, Lloyd dedicated his time to volunteering at the Veterans Restoration Quarters.  He taught a weekly class there on the history of jazz where he would show videos and bring in live acts to demonstrate his lessons.  It was the most well attended class ever offered at the shelter.  He also taught basic computer skills at the computer center, and helped the men write resumes and apply for jobs and colleges.

Not only did Lloyd dedicate vast amounts of his time, but he also made monetary and in-kind donations.  He made many donations of clothes, televisions, speakers, and other helpful items.  The contribution that he and his family have made to the Veterans Restoration Quarters has assisted so many veterans in such a meaningful and positive way. Lloyd and his endearing generosity and spirit will be tremendously missed.  Due to his contributions in these ways, we have named the sound room in his honor as the Lloyd Weinberg Sound Room.

We at ABCCM mourn the loss of these two incredible people, but rejoice at the legacy that both of them have left.  Their generosity and love will leave a mark on all who are blessed by the opportunities given them through the Liz Rothlein Training Center and the Lloyd Weinberg Sound Room.