Erwin Senior Honors Veterans


Erwin High School senior, Isaiah Carver, sponsored a car show on Veterans Day, November 11th from 9-12 at Erwin High School to honor Veterans. Registration was $15 per car and $5 for pedestrian attendees. All proceeds were donated to Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry’s (ABCCM) Veterans Restoration Quarters (VRQ).

Carver is fulfilling the requirements of his senior project with this event. His project premise was to prove that it is good for high school seniors to be required to volunteer in the community. Isaiah’s project included spending time with a mentor, researching and writing an eight page thesis and participating in a practical experience to prove his premise.

Isaiah, who has been volunteering at the VRQ says, “Volunteering gives you a sense of responsibility and humility, and you learn what others have gone through.” For ten years young Carver has been volunteering on cook teams at the VRQ. “Because of a sports injury I can’t serve my country in the armed forces. This is how I give back––honoring those who have served for me.”

At the VRQ, individuals, families, and groups from churches, and businesses are welcomed to volunteer. Those serving in the kitchen to prepare and serve meals, are barbers/beauticians or part of other work teams. They are teachers and facilitators, receptionists, data entry clerks, entertainers, and chaplains that listen and offer guidance. “Volunteers are the backbone of our organization,” says Reverend Scott Rogers, Executive Director of ABCCM. “Isaiah not only reflects the heart of Christ, but also reflects what it means to be in the body of Christ. Like all our volunteers, Isaiah is using his passion and talents and transforming them into compassion and honor to meet critical needs for our Veterans.”

ABCCM’s Veterans Restoration Quarters offers a comprehensive residential program that addresses every area of restoration in the life of homeless veterans with a goal of restoring personal dignity, faith and strength. In a safe and stable environment, each resident is offered the opportunity to participate in life skill development and educational and training opportunities leading to sustainable employment and housing.

Isaiah Carver was first drawn to volunteering at the VRQ when he was eight. He was invited by a friend to join his family’s cook team. Isaiah has continued to serve on the cook team of Newfound Baptist Church where he is a member. “My grandfather and cousin served in the armed forces, and I have a cousin who died in Iraq. They are why I’m a volunteer at the VRQ. Its important for me to give back,” says Isaiah.

Isaiah’s inspiration for the car show came from his frequent outings with his father. “We go to car shows in Charlotte and most of the local ones. I thought it would be fun to hold a car show on Veteran’s Day to honor our Vets.”

On Thursday, November 16th Isaiah presented ABCCM with $1,200 to benefit the veterans at the VRQ.  Reverend Scott Rogers, Executive Director of ABCCM was proud to receive the gift ."Isaiah is a remarkable young man with a big heart," says Reverend Rogers. "We all thank Isaiah for his service and gift to support our veterans."