When you donate to ABCCM, you are joining others in helping our neighbors in need through one of our areas of ministry.

General Fund

In 2015, $6 M of cash gifts were added to $14.4 M in direct services to our neighbors to generate a $20.4 M impact. Through the work of our volunteers, every dollar given generated about $3 in direct services. Of every dollar given only 4¢ is spent on administration and 2¢ on fundraising. That means 94% of every cash gift goes directly into services.

Donate online
If you would like to donate on-line or to set up recurring donations, please click the button below.

Donate by mail
If you would like donate by mail, please make checks payable to ABCCM and send to:

20 Twentieth Street
Asheville, NC 28806

Transformation Village: Capital Campaign

Let us know about your participation by completing a pledge form.  You may either download this pledge form and mail it in or make your pledge online.

To fulfill a pledge, you may make donations via mailed check or online at the link below.  If mailing in your donation, please make checks payable to ABCCM/Capital Campaign.  If making an online donation, you may set up automatic payments or fulfill your pledge all at one time.

Donate Credit Card Points/Rewards

Did you know that many credit card companies such as CapitalOne, Citi, Chase, American Express, and Discover will allow you to donate your points and rewards to national and local charities?  Check with your card provider for more information and to ask if you can donate to ABCCM.

Donor Privacy Policy

ABCCM does not share donor information with organizations, associations or individuals and does not publish donor information in its newsletters or other marketing materials.  Member church names and information about its giving history will not be shared with other organizations, associations, or individuals.