Spirit of Unity

 On Friday, July 5th, the Knights of Columbus provided the veterans of the ABCCM Veterans Restoration Quarters with one of the finest meals ever.  Men like Rick Fletcher, George Moody, Bob Riffle, Bill Matthews and Bruce Yarrington came together with many other wonderful folks and provided our men with a 10 ounce rib eye steak dinner and all the fixins including some outstanding frozen custard from CinToms Frozen Custard.

To say the residents of the Vet’s Quarters were pleased is an understatement!  Over 200 men enjoyed the meal along with several staff members and a few guests.  Channel 13 (WLOS) even came out to film the event and interview the volunteers responsible.

This ministry is so blessed to have literally hundreds and hundreds of amazing volunteers from supporting churches and civic groups in the area standing shoulder to shoulder in agreement with the mission God has given all of us to serve our fellow man.

This singular event was such a marvelous example of what can be done when many come together with a common mission and a spirit of unity.  I am so proud of the Knights of Columbus and their compassionate heart demonstrated so beautifully that day when they prepared and served this awesome meal to the men of the Vet’s Quarters.