Safety/Professionalism Guidelines

We ask that all volunteers observe professional boundaries during client/resident/patient interactions to ensure professional and quality care for all who come to us in need. Due to the nature of the needs of some of the clients/residents/patients whom ABCCM serves, we feel it is important to establish certain guidelines. These guidelines are set to maintain atmosphere of dignity and respect as well as support the mission of ABCCM.
Each volunteer is expected to maintain his or her professional role during each client/resident/patient interaction while observing these boundaries:
1. Do not offer any information regarding your own personal issues or data, i.e. address, telephone number, marital status, Social Security number, financial status.
2. Respect each person’s confidentiality at all times. All records are the property of ABCCM and may not be removed from ABCCM property.
3. Use courteous and respectful language. Use of inappropriate language, including but not limited to profanity, abusive language, sexual innuendo, aggressive or threatening language, is strictly prohibited.
4. Help us maintain a safe environment for everyone. Threats, threatening or intimidating behavior, harassment, acts of violence or any related conduct that disrupts the ability of ABCCM to execute its mission will not be tolerated. Volunteers are specifically prohibited from engaging in any violent behavior toward another person while in the performance of their duties or at any time while on property owned by or under the control of ABCCM. If you know of or suspect a violation of this policy please immediately report to a supervisor.
5. Volunteers are not to be paired off with a client/resident/patient of the opposite sex. If a client/resident/patient makes inappropriate sexual overtures or threatening behavior towards you, please inform the staff on duty at once. If a volunteer approaches a client/resident/patient in an inappropriate manner, ABCCM will have grounds for immediate dismissal of the volunteer.
6. Avoid special favors for clients/residents/patients, such as loaning tools, seeing them after hours, etc. Never loan money or your car to a client/resident.
7. Weapons are strictly prohibited on all property owned or under the control of ABCCM. Weapons are considered to be anything that can be used to cause bodily harm to another person. This includes weapons that are not loaded. ABCCM will have grounds for immediate dismissal of volunteer if weapons are brought on Ministry property.
8. No volunteer will solicit for commercial purposes. All personal solicitations must have the approval of the Executive Director. Petitions are not allowed.
9. No volunteer will accept gifts of money or items of monetary value for services performed while volunteering. All gifts are considered the property of ABCCM.
10. Do not give gifts of any kind to clients/residents apart from those organized by or given through ABCCM programs.
11. All press releases and statements concerning ABCCM and its operations or any facet of its operation or community involvement must be approved ahead of the scheduled release by the Executive Director or President of the Board. Media outlets such as television and radio stations or newspapers are not permitted on ABCCM property without approval of the Executive Director.
12. Avoid conflicts of interest. Disclose any possible conflicts, such as serving in an ABCCM location where a friend or relative might be a client/resident/patient. ABCCM cannot give services to volunteers like clients, residents, or patients. If someone needed food, clothes, medicine, etc., then we will review their volunteer position and recommend an appropriate change to another ministry or another volunteer agency.
Violations of any of these regulations will follow ABCCM’s policy of verbal warning, written warning, probation, supervision, alternative placement or termination of volunteer services with ABCCM.