Our Circle

A wise man once asked, “ How do you eat an elephant?”
The answer is, of course, “One bite at a time.

That is our approach to helping families with low income develop the resources they need to build a bridge into a self-sustaining lifestyle.  We approach the problem one family at a time.  No one of us can instantly eliminate the barriers to self-sufficiency for every under-resourced family in Buncombe County to make them qualify for living-wage employment, but as partners we can help one family at a time to successfully make that journey.

As part of the National Circles Initiative, ABCCM Our Circle is matching 1-4 Allies, who are intentional friends and mentors, with low income families. The under-resourced families get many benefits from this relationship including unconditional love, increased self-esteem, encouragement and insights into ways to overcome barriers they could not discover on their own. Allies receive too, as their intimate contact with segment of society they may have never known radically challenges fundamental beliefs they have held about the root causes of their particular struggles.

Over time a bond develops and a Circle (Under-resourced family + Allies) working together can transform the life of that family. It is worth the time and struggle, because as the family becomes successful and their assets improve, then the future for their children is transformed in the process.